What Does Travelers Insurance Cover?


Travel insurance can be an important item to purchase when you are planning an expensive trip. If you have to cancel for some reason or a situation arises causing you to cut your trip short, you can recover the many of the trip’s costs if you have travel insurance.

Each travel insurance policy covers different situations, but they typically cover areas such as trip cancellation, interruptions, medical evacuations and emergencies and lost, stolen or damaged baggage, according to the website Travel Insurance Review.

Travelers Insurance Cover


Trip Cancellation

Should your trip need to be canceled for some reason, travel insurance can cover the costs of your non-refundable travel-related expenses, such as plane tickets and lodging. You may have to cancel your trip for any number of reasons, including you or a travel partner becoming too ill to travel or losing your job that you have had for over a year.

Read different cancellation sections of a few policies to find the most comprehensive one that fits within your budget. The trip cancellation will only cover expenses that are pre-paid and for which you cannot get a refund up to the policy’s limit.



If you get sick or are injured while you are overseas, your health insurance will probably not cover you since you are out of the country. You will have to pay your expenses yourself, and you may have to do so before you even receive any medical assistance.

Some travel insurance policies give up to $1 million in coverage. If you have to be evacuated out of the country you are visiting for medical reasons back to the United States, the costs of transportation can be extremely high as medically-supervised transportation requires trained personnel and medical supplies.

Many travel insurance companies offer $1 million in evacuation expenses.



If you have to interrupt your trip for reasons such as terrorist attacks, strikes where you are traveling or natural disasters, travel insurance can help cover the costs for returning to the United States as well as costs incurred for the part of the trip you did not get to go on.

Each policy’s coverage of interruption differs, so read the policy section on interruption carefully.



Should your baggage be lost, stolen or damaged, travel insurance can help you recover your financial losses. Baggage coverage also includes personal items and travel papers in addition to luggage. The coverage limit is typically between $500 and $2,000.


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