What Are the Most Expensive Purchases for a Newborn?


When you bring a newborn home, make sure you have extra closet space — you’re going to need it.

A parent may look at this tiny bundle and wonder, “How can such a small baby require so many items?

Get ready to create budgets and shell out money on some unavoidable expenses that are necessary for the care, safety and comfort of your precious newborn.



For most nurseries, the crib is the focal point of the room. There tons of crib choices, such as designer cribs, standard cribs and convertible cribs that adjust into toddler beds and double beds.

Expenses increase when parents add the mattress, sheets and decorative accents such as a mobile and crib skirt. If you plan to have more babies in the future, a crib can be packed away and reused as long as it still meets safety regulations.

Most Expensive Purchases for a Newborn Crib

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Car Seat

Car seats are expensive, since most parents want to purchase a reputable brand. Your baby is a precious investment and worth the cost. The car seat must be carefully installed before a baby can leave the hospital. If you are unsure how to do this, most fire stations will install it or supervise the installation.

Many households have more than one vehicle, and if you want each car to have a base for the infant car seat, you’re looking at some extra expense. In addition to an infant seat you use for only a few months, you need larger seats for when your baby gets bigger and through his toddler years.

Most Expensive Purchases for a Newborn Car Seat

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Strollers are found at many price points, from less than $100 to thousands of dollars. You must decide which stroller will suit your needs and the baby’s needs. A newborn isn’t able to use his muscles to sit up, so the stroller needs a reclining feature.

Some strollers are compatible with car seats of the same brand and designed to fit together into a travel system. A baby carriage is another option for the newborn to lie back and enjoy the ride.

Most Expensive Purchases for a Newborn Stroller


Breast Pump or Formula

Breastfeeding is free unless you want to purchase a pump. If you breastfeed and plan to spend any time away from the baby, a pump is good to have on hand.

A new mother can rent a hospital-grade pump, but if she plans to use it for months or years, this is an expensive solution. There are many name brand pumps on the market, but they often carry hefty price tags. These pumps have strong motors to make pumping easier.

They come complete with carrying cases, adapters and storage containers. The mom who decides to formula feed will need more weekly weekly, if she doesn’t buy in bulk.

Newborns feed about every two to three hours, and a can of formula might last one week for most babies. It’s important to purchase more cans of formula than you need to ensure you don’t end up making a store run in the middle of the night for a fussy baby.

Most Expensive Purchases for a Newborn Breast Pump or Formula

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Parents need to decide what type of diaper is best for the baby and their lifestyle. Cloth diapers have evolved from the days of using diaper pins.

They now use resealable hook-and-loop closures and can become expensive, since you need to stock up and buy leak-resistant covers. Whether you use a diaper service or pay a higher water bill to wash the diapers, you’re going to add an extra expense to your budget.

Newborns typically have eight to 10 diaper changes a day. Disposable diaper costs also add up, since a new parent typically purchases diapers for two to three years.

Most Expensive Purchases for a Newborn Diapers

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