What Are The 4 Types of Greek Love


Love is complex, and ancient Greeks understood this reality. They classified four different types of love, each with different components. In your daily life, you see these types of love with your friends, family or romantic partners.

Understanding love as the Greeks did can give you insight into how you love others. Putting a name to your feelings better helps you distinguish them.


What are the 4 Types of Love in Greek?

1. Eros


In Greek mythology, Eros was the god of love. Eros love is an idealized form of love. It is the passionate feeling of bliss experienced at the onset of a new relationship where passion and physical attraction are driving forces.

In the long-term, eros love does not tend to last. It is a type of love which is conditional and dependent upon favorable and pleasing circumstances and situations.


2. Storge


Storge love centers around taking the time to get to know and then love someone based on what is known. This type of love can be used to describe the love that family members feel for one another.

Storge is a love which involves commitment. It can also describe the love between close friends who have gradually acquired genuine liking and understanding of one another over time.


3. Philia


Philia love is the love that one feels for humanity and mankind in general. It is the neighborly love which binds people together as parts of a community.

Philia love creates a sense of loyalty to friends, family and community. Philia addresses the personality, intellect and emotions of people. It leads to mutual sharing.


4. Agape


Agape is a nurturing love. It is an unconditional love for others which can be compared to the golden rule, in which we treat people the way we would like to be treated.

Agape love is compassionate, attentive, caring and kind. It is a selfless and altruistic love. Agape doesn’t seek pleasure for itself. Agape love finds pleasure and delight in giving.


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