Types of Moods & Thoughts to Expect During Pregnancy


Knowing what to expect during your pregnancy in terms of your moods and thoughts can be very helpful.

Every pregnancy is different, but many normal pregnancies endure common–if not exactly same–moods and thoughts throughout the nine months. Here is what you can expect to see during your pregnancy.

Expect During Pregnancy


The Beginning

During the first trimester, it is common and normal to feel tired or nauseated. It is also normal to experience morning sickness, but it may not be just in the morning. Your breasts could also become tender as early as in the first week of pregnancy.



Some pregnant women experience feelings of depression as their emotions are on a whirlwind. This is normal, since your hormones, estrogen and progesterone, change during pregnancy. You can also expect to cry about anything at any given time without reason, cause or even a warning.


Uneasiness, Doubt, Worry

During your pregnancy, it is normal to begin questioning yourself and the pregnancy itself, planned or unplanned.

You might begin asking yourself if it’s the right time to have a baby, if your career is going to be jeopardized by having a baby, or even if you are going to be able to financially care for your baby. Every one of these sentiments are very ordinary and can occur for reasons unknown by any stretch of the imagination



Anxiety is common during the third trimester. This is the final countdown to the pregnancy, when reality sinks in that this baby will soon be born. Just making sure you are prepared in every way can help ease the anxiety.



During the third trimester, it is common to have a difficult time finding a rather comfortable position while sleeping because of how large your belly has become.

There are many different pillows to help with this, but be prepared to experience frustration and the possibility of feeling more vulnerable during this time.


Fatigue and Discomfort

Once the baby is close to full term, you might begin to feel uncomfortable and fatigued no matter how you stand, sit or even lay. This is very common, and many pregnant women endure it at some stage in their pregnancy.


Pregnancy by the Week

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