Travel Insurance for Americans


Americans travel to hundreds of different international destinations every year. When you travel, you might be outside the coverage area of your current insurance or need additional kinds of coverage.

There are many different types of coverage that can make your travel safer, including travel medical insurance, evacuation insurance and trip cancellation insurance.

Travel Insurance for Americans


Travel Insurance Considerations

The U.S. State Department advises you to ask your current insurer if you have coverage outside the United States and, if so, whether that coverage includes expenses such as a trip to a foreign hospital or evacuation. If your current coverage is not sufficient, you should buy separate travel insurance.


Trip Medical

If your current health insurance does not cover expenses associated with unforeseen injuries or illnesses abroad, you should consider purchasing travel medical insurance. Generally, travel medical insurance covers medical expenses resulting from an accidental injury or an illness that occurs during the period of coverage outside your country of residence.


Evacuation Insurance

Evacuation insurance covers expenses when a licensed physician determines that you need emergency medical evacuation either to the nearest medical facility or back to the United States.


Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation insurance covers your non-refundable trip costs when unforeseen events cause you to cancel or interrupt a trip.

Typically, events covered under this type of insurance include sickness or accidental injury or death that prevents you from taking the trip or inclement weather or a strike that prevents the transportation company from rendering its services.


Medical Insurance for Travel

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