Top 5 Things to Do on a Staycation


A staycation is basically a vacation in which you stay home. A staycation can save you money and ultimately helps keep your money local too.

A staycation is also less stressful for large families where kids are not use to sitting in the car for long perions of time.

Things to Do on a Staycation



1. Go to the Park

Go to the Park

Most cities have enjoyable green spaces. I prefer more natural parts, with forests and ponds, such as along a river valley. Sometimes there are good parks to visit out of your city but within a short drive.


2. Go to the Zoo

Go to the Zoo

Kids often enjoy going to the zoo, but adults do too. Younger kids might prefer a “petting zoo” where they can have hands on experiences with farm animals.

I would only suggest going to proper, city run, zoos, not poorly run privately owned ones where animals are in horribly small cages and suffer.


3. Go to the Waterpark

Go to the Waterpark

Many large cities have swimming pools and/or water parks. These are great places to spend a hot day. I would suggest going to these during the week, rather than on the weekend.


4. Day Trip Drives

Day Trip Drives

You can also look into what day trip drives there are from your home. I would not suggest going futher than 2 hours away, allowing for ample time to enjoy your destination. Ask family and friends what day trips they have enjoyed or look online for suggestions.


5. Home Improvements

Home Improvements

A staycation can also be used to make home improvements rather than simply for some relaxation. Improving your home can sometimes add value to the quality of your life for the other part of the year.


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