Top 5 Japanese Intelligent Ideas


Read the Japanese intelligent ideas on this true list. We all know the strength the Japanese have bestowed on this great nation of America and other countries of the world.

Now enjoy their shared intelligence in these ideas too.

Japanese Intelligent Ideas


1. Who Comes to Japan

It is known that Japan is the only nation that does not give any citizenship to Muslims. Go do your research and discover the reasons why Muslims are not citizens of Japan, ever! All nations can learn from the strength that Japan has adopted this policy and there are no exceptions.

You will find that the University of Japan, Arabic or any Islamic language is not taught there. It is known that a person cannot import a ‘Koran’ published in the Arabic language in Japan either.
It has been discovered that according to data published by the Japanese government, Japan has given temporary residency to only 2 lakhs, Muslims, who must follow the Japanese Law of the Land.

These Muslims should speak Japanese and carry their religious rituals in their homes. It should be known that Japan is the only country in the world that has a very limited number of embassies in Islamic countries.

The Japanese government thinks that Muslims are fundamentalist and even in the era of globalization they are not willing to change their Muslim laws.


2. Who Stays In Japan

Japan is the only nation that does not allow any Muslims to reside permanently in Japan. The country of Japan allows visitors, but you don’t hear of the Shiek or Saudi Prince or any other Muslims going to Japan to seek residency, do you?

That is because Japan does not welcome Muslims and will not tolerate Muslims to determine to live in Japan as permanent residents. Muslims are not going to Japan. Furthermore if a Japanese woman marries a Muslim man, she is considered an outcast forever.

This action could easily cause that couple to leave Japan since there are many things that would probably be denied them.


3. What Goes on In Japan

Japanese are a strong people. They survive a great number of disasters and remain strong. Japanese people do not support or allow Islam in their country. Islam teaching and anything to do with Muslim teaching is banned in Japan. Islam is strongly banned in Japan, by the authorities in charge of protecting Japan from Islam and anything related to Islamism.

You will not find any Shaira Law in Japan. When a person discovers there is a Muslim in the town or city, everyone is informed and they are all on alert. It is nearly impossible for a Muslim to rent an apartment in Japan.


4. What Goes on In the Universities of Japan

There is a strong hold in the universities in Japan. There is no Arabic or Islamic language taught in these areas. Japan does not cater to Muslims nor entertain the encouragement of Islam or Muslim ways.

Japan is known for extremely low Muslim population due to the strength Japan maintains against Muslims. There is a professor of Arab/Islamic studies named Mr. Kumiko Yagi who has the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies summary about Muslims.

He is quoted as saying”There is a mind frame in Japan that Islam is a very narrow minded religion and one should stay away from it.”


5. What Comes into Japan

When you go into Japan, you are restricted to certain things. A Koran cannot be published in the Arabic language in Japan. Furthermore you cannot import a copy of the Koran in the Arabic language either.

Japan is protecting their citizens from Islam and Muslim teachings by these specific limitations. No one can begin a Muslim or Arabic cell in Japan. Most Japanese companies will not hire a Muslim.

It is in most company policies that a Muslim should not apply for a job.Visas are not given to doctors, managers or engineers of the Muslim belief. This is true even if these professionals are sent by foreign countries.


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