Tips to Lower Calories of Pasta Dishes


Most people seek to avoid pasta while on a diet or trying to lose weight but fortunately you can still enjoy your favorite pasta dishes while staying on the diet bandwagon.

We have a few ideas on how you can pep up your pasta dishes and lower calories and increase nutrition.

Pasta is a staple in my kitchen and with the ability to use cream, cheese and tomato sauces with a variety of spices and other ingredients.

Pasta is very versatile and can have many sides. However, we all know that pasta dishes can pack on the calories.

Here are a few tips to lower calories of pasta dishes.


1. Avoid Cream Sauces and get more Tomatoes

Now is the time to put down the heavy whipping cream and pick up the milk and cheese. Fettuccine Alfredo is a great dish but the cream sauce adds a ton of calories with little nutrition. I like to substitute cream with some half and half and milk.

Keep the cheese.

The cream sauce won’t be as thick but it will have the same affect and flavor. Obviously, tomato sauces are more healthy and have fewer calories. Obviously use tomato sauces whenever you can.

1. Avoid Cream Sauces and get more Tomatoes



2. Increase your Seasoning

Its a proven fact that we eat less when the food is more flavorful so don’t be afraid to put in more oregano, thyme or rosemary in your Italian pasta.

2. Increase your Seasoning



3. Make the Switch to Whole Grain Pasta

Pasta before the age of refined flours was brown and made of whole wheat. Just like bread, pasta is best when it full of whole grains. Whole grains are very nutritious and helps brain health and prevents a variety of ailments. Whole grains are full of vitamins and minerals.

These are three little ways to make pasta work for you and help you enjoy your favorite pasta dishes.

Make the Switch to Whole Grain Pasta


Enjoy and remember good food, good friends, and good conversation!


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