Tips for Cooking Lobster


As fine chefs know, a great lobster isn’t difficult to prepare—but cooking lobster is still an excellent way to impress your guests and satisfy their appetites for something truly delicious.

Lobster hasn’t always been a gourmet treat found in the best restaurants; fishermen of old ate it because their fish were too valuable and nobody else wanted to dine on lobster meal. But in the 20th century, gourmets discovered that fresh, well prepared lobster is one of the finest dishes ever.

It’s also delightfully healthy. A 3.5 oz. portion of lobster has only 98 calories and 0.1 gram of saturated fat—that’s less than either skinless chicken or turkey!

Follow these easy tips using lobster cooking recipes:


How to Cook a Lobster

Tips for Cooking Lobster

Follow these easy tips using lobster cooking recipes:

  • Buy it fresh. Any well prepared meal requires the freshest ingredients possible, but it’s absolutely essential to buy a fresh lobster. The livelier the crustation, the better. The tail of the lobster should also snap backwards when you straighten it and the shell should be thick and hard.
  • Lobsters from cold water areas are generally considered of higher quality.
  • If you don’t live in an area where lobsters are readily available fresh, your best bet is to buy them online from a reputable lobster dealer.
  • Small lobsters have a lower proportion of meat to shell, which is why larger lobsters are preferred and more expensive.
  • Plan to use the lobster within a day of purchase or delivery. To preserve freshness, refrigerate the lobster with its claws tied together on moist newspaper or bed of seaweed in an unclosed bag. Do not ice.
  • Boil the lobster for a traditional taste. For stronger flavor, try steaming it. Either way, put the lobsters in the water head down. Lobster may also be grilled or baked. In each case, follow the recipe closely to ensure the lobster gets cooked thoroughly, but doesn’t get overcooked.
  • Don’t be afraid to go beyond the basics. Lobster is delicious prepared any number of ways. For a creative, gourmet lobster cooking recipe, be sure to search’s collection.
  • Before serving the lobster, cut the tip of each claw. Hold the lobster upside down over the sink, allowing any residual water to drain from the lobster. This ensures diners won’t end up with water-logged plates.
  • Cooked lobster may be kept refrigerated for up to two days. You may also allow it to fully cool, then freeze it. Whole lobster should be protected with plastic wrap, then placed in a freezer bag; remove as much air as possible from the bag before freezing. To serve, place the frozen lobster in boiling water for about two minutes. (Defrosting affects the flavor detrimentally.)


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