The Top Five Must See Wild Animals When on a Safari


1. Lion

Wild Animals When on a Safari lion

The lion, popularly referred to as the king of the jungle.A safari to Africa is never complete without being able to see the lion.

What attract most people to this large cat are its size, power and hunting prowess. In ancient times, for a young man to be initiated to become a warrior, he had to defeat and kill a lion.


2. Rhinocerous

Wild Animals When on a Safari Rhinocerous

There is the white and black rhinoceros. The white rhinoceros is also known as the great grazer and has a broad, wide mouth where it derives its name from.

The blank rhino has a hooked nose and is the known as the black beauty. The two species have the same height with the white rhino twice heavy as the white rhino.


3. Leopard

Wild Animals When on a Safari

The leopard is also known as the ‘prince of darkness’ or as ‘the silent hunter’.
It can survive in any environment as it easily adapts, but mainly found in forests, savannahs, deserts and in mountain tops.


4. Buffalo


A herd of buffalo shows off flanks of ebony and the horns look like they are made of steel. They are mainly found in the savannahs, woodlands and in the tropical forests.


5. Elephant


The elephant is the largest land mammal and also referred to fondly to as the gardeners of the savannah. Their main charm is their power, grace, sensitivity and compassion.


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