The Best Travel Insurance Policies


Many insurance experts advise consumers to get the most comprehensive insurance policies they can. These cover more than standard trip cancellation, trip delay, lost baggage, emergency medical and repatriation of remains.

But the more comprehensive an insurance plan, the more expensive it tends to be. When possible, travelers should tailor their policies depending on age, health, and what kinds of activities they will engage in.

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The Best Travel Insurance Policies


Family Travelers

Families traveling together can often save money by buying family policies. Buy one that fits your family: If the standard policy is for two parents and two kids, and you have three kids, you may have to pay extra.

Some family policies don’t charge for kids at all. Travel Guard and Travel Safe are both recommended by Insurance Review. Travel Safe covers up to seven family members for a trip costing up to $30,000.

If you are planning adventure activities, make sure it’s covered or buy an extra rider.


Student Travelers

Student travelers need extra looking after. Travel Guard Student Guard offers 24-hour live help; translation services; legal referrals and bailout help; document assistance and other services.

Some student insurance services offer emergency reunion which pays for a parent to join a child during an emergency. Some cover some adventure sports, but most require an extra rider.


Adventure Travelers

Adventure travelers often need special coverage. People engaging in extreme sports such as mountaineering, rock climbing, scuba diving or other activities that expose them to considerable risk usually need to buy riders to cover the risk of injury during a trip.

Some of these policies also cover lost or damaged sporting goods equipment. Normal emergency medical travel insurance does not cover these costs.

With one such policy, called Patriot Extreme, the average U.S. citizen, aged 32 with no kids, covered for one month, would pay $64 for the extreme sports rider. This would cover $50,000 of medical expenses.


Senior Travelers

Senior travelers have special needs. Many have conditions which may or may not be covered under some policies. Some policies cover pre-existing conditions as long as you buy the policy almost immediately after booking your trip.

Others require extra riders for pre-existing conditions. One company, Over 65 Travel, allows pre-existing conditions on its Excursion policy as long as you have primary insurance in the U.S., such as Medicare, and are not traveling against a doctor’s orders.



The Best Travel Insurance Coverage

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