Ten Creative Ways to Express Love


Going the extra step in showing your love shows a person how much you mean to her.

Express your love for a friend, family member or romantic partner in these 10 unique and surprising ways, which are sure to impress.

Ten Creative Ways to Express Love


Make a Love Collage

Make a collage with photos or drawings of you and your special someone, as well as pictures and images that are somehow symbolic in your relationship.

Even if you can’t say or write your feelings, the effort you put into a collage of your memories with the other person shows the depth and sincerity of your feelings.


Write a Song

Write your special someone a song. Though lyrics expressing your love are good, even a song without lyrics written for the person shows your dedication and love

If you’re too nervous to play it for her in person, record a copy and deliver it with a smile and “I wrote this for you because of what you mean to me.” If you’re not much of a composer, consider finding a song your loved one enjoys and changing the words to dedicate it to him.

Play or record a copy of the revised version for him.


Make a Video or Slideshow

Gather pictures or video footage of your loved one and yourself and create a slideshow or video. Don’t forget to set it to a song that your loved one enjoys, expressing your love and affection.

For children and family members, show your love with a video or a slideshow of special or important moments, such as winning awards, getting married, and so on as a special keepsake.


Make a Book

Make or publish a book showcasing your loved one’s writings, photography or artwork. Show your love for your partner and his ideas by having them published and bound.

If your loved one is a videographer or musician, make a professional CD or DVD with official artwork and casings for her. Make your special someone feel appreciated for his passion, even if it doesn’t pay the bills.


Give the Gift of Time

Give your loved one the gift of time: yours. Sharing our time with others shows them we love them and value their presence in our lives.

Tell someone you love that you have an entire hour, afternoon, day or weekend set aside for her, to do whatever it is she would like to do, and do it. This gift only works if you follow through.


Give the Gift of Chores

This may sound silly to some, but to those who regularly do chores they loathe, it makes good sense. Do hated chores for your loved one, without him having to ask you to, without expecting anything in exchange.

Surprise your loved one with a clean bathroom, folded laundry and a tidy house.


Give the Gift of Food

Express your love for that special someone by preparing her favorite meal or dessert. If you’re feeling especially expressive, write “I love you” across her french fries in ketchup or on top of her cheesecake in chocolate sauce.

Not much of a cook?

Order her favorite take-out in, and write out your message on the containers.


Write Messages in Surprising Places

Leave your loved one messages of love in unexpected places. Keep it interesting with words of love in lipstick or shaving cream on bathroom mirrors, a quick note on a napkin at lunch, or a message scrawled in the dust on her car.


Thoughtful and Original Gifts

Buy your loved one something thoughtful and original — something he’s always wanted, not something you would buy for anyone. Think about your loved one’s interests and passions, and buy a gift in line with her preferences, not yours.

If possible, the gift should be something unusual or not widely available that your loved one would appreciate but wouldn’t have thought of purchasing himself.


Write Something

Write your loved one a letter or a poem expressing your love. Write a list of individual things that you love about him. Write a positive profile about how you see her. Be creative with how you package your writings.

Copy your theme on stationery and tie it up with ribbons, frame, or mail in pretty envelopes.


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