Techniques to Improve Self Confidence


At times, people can be their own worst enemy. Low energy, negative thoughts and hesitation where decisiveness is called for can all be signs that you’ve fallen out of step with your full potential.

NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, uses simple thought and imagination exercises to retool self-image and self-confidence, with results equally powerful to the effort that you put into them.


Techniques to Improve Self Confidence

Improve Self Confidence

Kill Those Nagging Voices

NLP trainer Chris Harrison suggests this technique for anyone struggling with negative thoughts that get in the way of doing what you need to. Any time you find yourself subject to a track of these voices, or when you simply recall them, try transforming the sound.

What would these voices sound like if they were on helium, or if they were coming from very far away, or if they were actually the voice of Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse? Play with the sound until the power is drained from it.


The Swish Technique

Imagine any scenario where you have feelings of inadequacy or dread, such as an upcoming job interview. Next, imagine the same scenario as you would like it to be: You may see yourself as more confident, capable or charismatic, for example.

Returning to the first image, place a dot in the center of it and expand it quickly until it envelops the first. This dot is your second, improved image. Practice this “swishing” technique until you are comfortable with it, and you’ll find that your feelings of inadequacy are swished away in kind.



Imagine yourself standing in front of you, then begin to transform that image into the person you’d like to be. You can borrow enviable attributes from celebrities and people you admire. Appreciate the physical quality of confidence they have and try to feel it yourself.

Finally, in your mind, walk around behind this other you and step into that person. At this point you can visualize yourself on a stage with loud applause surrounding you, and savor the public adoration for your new self.


Magic Mirror Technique

Hypnotist Pradeep Aggarwal offers another technique of self-visualization, with a twist. Imagine a mirror in front of yourself, and picture an improved, more confident you in that mirror.

With this image in mind, begin to experience your perceptions as this more confident you would; you may notice changes in posture, for example. Increase the vividness of the image and experience as much as possible, then join the thumb and index finger together and think the words “supreme confidence.”

After practicing this exercise several times, try joining your thumb and index finger together any time you need an instant boost of confidence.



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