Stage Fright Treatments


Stage fright is a common problem for aspiring stage performers as well as politicians and other professionals called upon to speak in public.

Fortunately, most cases of this phobia can be successfully managed with various treatments.

Stage Fright Treatments



Stage fright sufferers are often aided by anti-anxiety medications such as beta blockers, which block adrenaline rushes in the body rather than causing sedation that could interfere with performance.


Homeopathic Treatment

Those seeking a homeopathic treatment for stage fright might consider taking Gelsemium Sempervirens which is purported to have a calming influence on the mind and body.



Using such meditation therapies as controlled breathing, guided imagery and yoga often help relieve anxiety associated with public performance. These techniques can be practiced individually or practiced in formal classes.


Professional Counseling

Treatment from a professional counselor or psychologist is frequently necessary for those who experience tremendous fear about performing in public. This is especially important for those often required to perform publicly.



Practice is perhaps the most common way of easing stage fright. Most people find the more they perform in public, the easier it becomes.


Treatment for Stage Fright

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