South Carolina Workers Compensation Benefits


South Carolina employees who are injured or become ill due to job-related issues are entitled to receive workers’ compensation. If you are injured on the job you should report it immediately to your employer and seek any necessary medical treatments.

You must report the injury within 90 days or you may be ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits. You have up to two years to file a claim, even after you report the accident within 90 days.

Workers Compensation Benefits


Compensation Payments

Being injured on the job can interfere with your ability to work and earn a paycheck. Workers’ compensation is a temporary means of receiving income while you recover from an injury. The payments are based on 66 2/3 percent of the average weekly salary of the four quarters before your injury.

The amount can’t be higher than the maximum requirement set by the South Carolina Employment Security Commission each year. If you have more than one job, the amount will be based on the wages that you receive from those as well. There is a seven-day waiting period before compensation payments are given.

If you are still off from work the benefit will be provided through your employer’s insurance. If you are off from work for more than 14 days you will receive benefits that will include the first seven days as well.

You will receive all of your payments directly. Compensation ends when your doctor releases you back to work.


Medical Compensation Benefits

Injuries that require medical treatment are also covered under South Carolina workers’ compensation. The state will cover the costs of any necessary treatments that will possibly lessen your disability and help you to recover.

It will pay for hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions, prosthetic devices and medical supplies. To have these expenses covered, you must be seen by a physician chosen by your employer or by the insurance company.

You can also be reimbursed for travel expenses if the chosen doctor is more than a 10-mile round trip distance from your home. If you are not satisfied with the care provided from the chosen physician, you can request another one from the insurance carrier or you can contact the state’s employment security commission for a hearing to consider your request.


Permanent Disability Compensation

South Carolina workers’ compensation also includes benefits for employees who are totally disabled as a result of a job-related accident. You would be entitled to 500 weeks of compensation benefits in the event your injury caused you to lose both feet, legs, hands, arms, or loss of vision in both eyes.

If you suffer from a combination of any these losses you would be considered to have suffered a total and permanent disability.

Again, the amount of the compensation payment would be determined on the employee’s salary and can’t exceed 100 percent of the average weekly wage that is set by the state of South Carolina.


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