Romantic Wedding Vow Ideas


You’ve dreamed about your wedding your whole life, but when it’s time to write the vows you’re stumped. Your wedding is a celebration of your relationship with your partner, and deserves vows that express the uniqueness of your lives together.

Throw away the script, meditate on your love for your partner, and then write your own wedding vows.

Romantic Wedding Vow Ideas


Search Your Feelings

When did you know that you’d found “the one”?

What do you look forward to in your life together?

How does your partner inspire and encourage you to grow?

What do you miss when he or she is gone?

Answering questions like these can generate emotional material that you can pick from and revise into vows.


Your Relationship Trademark

What defines or runs throughout your relationship? Maybe it is full of laughter. Maybe you explore the outdoors together. It could be a love of cooking or animals. Besides “love, honor and cherish,” pinpoint those other things you plan to do together forever and promise you’ll be there for them as well.


Look to the Poets

As soon as there was poetry there was love poetry. Read classic and contemporary love poems for quotes and inspiration. If you both find a poem that says exactly what you feel, abandon traditional vows altogether and simply read the poem instead.

The Academy of American Poets has a search feature on its website that allows users to find poems fitting such themes as “weddings,” “love” and “romance.” Another resource is “A Book of Love Poetry,” an anthology of classic and modern love poems, with sections for “Declarations” and “Celebrations.”


Vow Wording Wizard

If you’re really stuck, The Knot, an online wedding resource, has a Vow Wording Wizard. You can choose from a drop-down menu of ceremony types — ranging from civil and nonreligious unions to most religious denominations — and choose the type of vows appropriate to your wedding.

The Wizard then offers fill-in-the-blank suggestions. While not the most romantic method, the Vow Wizard might give you a nudge in the right direction.



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