Raw Food Diet & Pregnancy


The Raw Food Diet is a new diet trend that boasts rapid weight loss, increased energy levels and protection from disease.

Because of its restrictions, there is some controversy among medical experts as to its safety during pregnancy.

Raw Food Diet



In a full raw food diet, no cooked or commercially processed foods may be consumed. This dispenses with meats, sanitized dairy items and prepared merchandise. Pregnant ladies ought to never devour crude, or unpasteurized dairy items.


Nutritional Imbalance

As with any diet program, the main associated risk is nutritional imbalance. Because the raw food diet is so restrictive, it’s imperative that pregnant women keep a careful eye on the nutrients in their diet, particularly folic acid and iron, with a nutritional tracker.



Women always have a higher risk of anemia, especially during pregnancy. The raw food diet’s elimination of meat puts pregnant women at even higher risk, but this can be remedied by stressing iron-rich vegetables (such as spinach and beans).


Food Safety

Since the raw food diet is basically a modified vegan diet, the largest food safety concern is bacteria and parasites on the food. Exhaustive washing is fundamental for all produce and for all intents and purposes disposes of this worry..



Pregnant women should always consult their physician before beginning any diet program. Most pregnant women should not seek to “diet” for weight loss and many medical conditions will contradict the raw food diet.


Eat Healthy While Pregnant

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