New Car Buying Tips for Women


Buying a new car can be intimidating for a woman because car shopping has traditionally been viewed as a man’s job. Men generally know more about cars and when a woman shops with a man, the salesperson might pay more attention to the man.

However, women can be just as successful at getting a good deal on a new car as men are.

New Car Buying Tips for Women


Research Cars

Get an idea of what kind of car you want to purchase by researching cars before visiting a dealership. Ask your friends what cars they drive and what they like about them. Go online and look up suggested retail prices on vehicles in which you are interested.

Investigate what special features are available and how much they cost, and decide which ones you want to have. If you make these decisions before going to a dealership, you are less likely to get talked into buying a car that isn’t actually what you want.


Get Financing Before Shopping

Secure financing from a bank or credit union before stepping onto a car lot, especially if you are prone to impulse purchases or spending more than you can afford. When you secure financing, choose a monthly payment that you can afford for the duration of the loan and get pre-approved for a loan in that amount.

Having a cap on your financing when you enter the lot helps keep you firmly under your budget. Plus, loans at credit unions usually have lower interest rates than those offered by dealerships.


Ask Questions

Even if you do not understand technical language about cars, you still have the right to understand the features on the car you buy and the details of its pricing. When a salesperson is explaining the car, request clarification if you do not understand terms he is using.

Before signing any paperwork, read everything over and get clarification on any technical wording you find.


Stand Up for Yourself

You do not need to take a man with you to buy a car without getting ripped off. If you feel like the dealership is not treating you well or if the salesman is too pushy, just leave and go somewhere else.

You are a customer and the salesman cannot force you to purchase anything you do not want.



Rights When Purchasing a Car

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