Medical Insurance for Travel in the USA


Medical insurance for travel in the United States can save you substantial money in the event of a medical emergency, especially if your health insurance policy does not apply overseas.

Many frequent travelers purchase supplemental medical travel insurance.

Medical Insurance for Travel



Flight accident insurance covers your injury or death in the event of an airplane crash, but it typically does not cover medical expenses due to illness or other accidents. Trip cancellation insurance generally covers travel expenses when you must cancel your plans due to illness or accident; it may provide limited medical trip coverage.

International medical insurance reimburses medical expenses incurred while traveling or living overseas; this type of insurance can be short- or long-term.



You can customize your medical insurance for travel in the United States to fit your needs. A coverage policy can be single-trip, multitrip or renewable.

Maximum policy coverage is generally enough to cover major medical expenses, such as emergency surgery, an extended hospital stay, medical evacuation or the return home of a deceased traveler’s body.



Most medical travel insurance plans require deductibles and copays and have exclusions similar to standard health insurance policies.

A 44-year-old traveler can acquire $50,000 of coverage, valid for three months of travel, for $99 to $372, depending on the policy type.


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