Lost Luggage Insurance Rules


When you travel, you often place your valuables in the hands of others. You often bring more expensive clothes for festivities or professional engagements. You may pack a quality camcorder, digital camera or expensive makeup.

The items may be packed in quality luggage. If the luggage is lost, replacing the items can be expensive. Airlines do reimburse for lost luggage, but there are often restrictions. Travel insurance covers luggage lost at any stage of the trip.

Lost Luggage Insurance Rules


Coverage Rules

Although insurance providers vary in their coverage options, TravelSafe is an example of a highly rated travel insurance plan. TravelSafe’s rules protect you against permanent loss of your baggage, however, the cash value paid is based on property depreciation.

TravelSafe also offers the cost for replacement or repair. The company has rules such as a $600 maximum for jewelry and similar items. If your passport or visa is lost in your luggage, the company will pay $50 toward replacing the documents.



According to Total Travel Insurance, luggage coverage typically is part of a travel insurance policy such as flight cancellation insurance and medical coverage in case you become ill. The luggage insurance rules differ among insurance providers. In general, coverage reimburses you for luggage lost at any stage of your trip.

Read your agreement carefully as most companies’ rules and policies do not cover laptop computers or some cameras. Total Travel Insurance also recommends that if you have valuables worth more than $1,000 that you cover them on your homeowners insurance policy. If you decide to do this, check with your homeowners insurance agent to verify that the items are covered. Restriction rules are extensive on what is not covered.

Examples of items not covered include; contact lenses, hearing aids, artificial teeth, sunglasses, antiques, money, prescribed medications, documents, tickets, professional equipment, telephones and computers.


Credit Card Insurance Coverage

Many credit card companies offer free insurance for lost or damaged baggage. To qualify for this program, you will be required to purchase your airline ticket with the credit card. American Express, MasterCard and Visa have this coverage, although you should verify what is covered for your particular needs.

Rules and restrictions on this coverage may require you to first make a claim with the airlines and then the credit card insurance will reimburse the difference. A benefit to credit card insurance is that it may pay for delayed baggage. Rules vary among credit card companies, however, you may be able to claim up to $200 for delayed baggage.



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