Law of Attraction Techniques


The Law of attraction is a universal method for creating a life of joy. The premise is that what you think about is what you create.

Positive thinking leads to a joyful life because what you focus on grows. The philosophy suggests you plant your seeds carefully, with intention.

Attraction Techniques


Attitude Is Everything

Create a positive outlook and set the tone for a positive life. The law of attraction is based on this simple premise: You’ll grow what you sow. Your outlook, whether positive or negative, affects the way life unfolds.

Hold a negative attitude and your experience is negative. Hold a positive attitude and life unfolds in glorious design.

Choose your attitude consciously. Each day holds the opportunity to create your reality based on your thoughts. Learn to keep in touch with your inner dialogue and set a positive tone for your thoughts.


Creative Visualization

The law of attraction maintains that you draw to yourself what you think about. Visualizing a positive outcome helps enforce the image in the subconscious, drawing forth your desires.

Creative visualization sets the law of attraction into motion. It helps you to fine-tune your goals as well as “see” the outcome.

Start by defining your goals. Whether it’s a new home or car, a job promotion, a love interest or a way of life, first you must solidify this desire in your mind. Then use creative visualization to imprint this intention in your subconscious.

Find a spot where you won’t be disturbed for 15 to 20 minutes. Get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe deeply several times. Imagine your goal in full detail, using all your senses. If it’s a process, see it from conception to completion.

After several minutes, thank the Universe and open your eyes. Practice daily to fully integrate the goal into your vision.



Using affirmations as well as daily gratitude sets positive life forces in motion and stamps the desire upon the subconscious mind, helping to create the reality.

An affirmation is a positive statement used to enforce a belief. A general affirmation for well-being is: “I am living a life of joy every day in every way.”

Create your own affirmations based on your goals in life. Start with a positive statement, as fact, in the present tense and bring your dreams into reality.


Take Action

All the planning and positive thinking in the world won’t lead to the completion of anything. Set your intentions, use affirmations and creative visualization techniques, then get started.

Action leads to success. Using this combination of law of attraction principles can truly help you create the life of your dreams.



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