How to Use a Crystal Ball in Feng Shui


Feng Shui provides a number of ways to use faceted crystal balls to catch the light and attune the energy in your home, your office or even your car.

Capture and attune the energy by finding out what kind of crystal to use, how many to use and where to position them to get the maximum effect.


Things You’ll Need

  • Faceted crystals


How to Use a Crystal Ball in Feng Shui

How to Use a Crystal Ball

1. Clean out your car to clear the flow of energy and then hang a faceted crystal from the rear view mirror.

A crystal pendant in a window acts to transform “Sha” or hard energy coming in from the street into “Chi” or soft energy in your car.


2. Secure good financial fortune by placing a clear crystal ball near the entryway of a home, in its Southwest sector, which is the area in a building which governs wealth and luck.

Draw good fortune into your shop by placing a crystal near the cash register.


3. Put one crystal in the Northwest sector to promote the most productive and lucrative relationships with mentors and business partners.

You can optimize results by using six crystal balls in accordance with six, the number of the Northwest.


4. Enhance love and romance by placing two crystal balls in the Southwest corner of your living room or bedroom.

Two is the number of the Southwest.


5. Sharpen learning energy with a clear crystal placed in the Northeast or educational sector of a student’s room or on the desk itself.

Clear your mind and make better decisions at work by putting a crystal ball on your desk.


6. Maximize wealth, success and family harmony by placing between one and six pieces of crystal in the center of your home or the corner diagonal to the entrance.

Deflect negative energy from entering your home with a clear crystal ball in an entryway or opposite the main door at eye level.


Tips & Warnings

  • Clean crystals about once a month.


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