How to Sell Renters Insurance


To sell renters insurance, you must convince potential customers that there is no other way for them to rest assured that they’re covered when their personal belongings are damaged from fire, flood or theft.

You also must disprove their assumption that the landlord’s property insurance extends to the renters. More importantly, you can sell renters insurance by conveying your sincere belief that it offers coverage renters cannot live without.


How to Sell Renters Insurance

How to Sell Renters Insurance

1. Ask a potential customer what might happen to their personal belongings should the house or apartment they’re renting get damaged. When they reply that they believe the landlord has insurance to protect the building, explain that the insurance does not cover their personal belongings.

2. Have potential customers complete a questionnaire that you’ve designed. The questionnaire should make them list valuable personal items. Next to each item, they should estimate what it might cost to replace them.

3. Instruct your customers to add up the replacement cost of each item. Then ask them if they would be able to replace them, at that cost, should they ever need to.

4. Continue trying to sell renters insurance to these customers by suggesting several points they must consider. The first is the amount of coverage they can afford. The second is the deductible they could pay if the need arises.

5. Explain certain types of coverage to potential customers. For example, tell them the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost. Try to persuade them that the latter represents a better deal.

6. List the many different ways that customers who buy renters insurance can save money on the cost of that insurance. For example, suggest that they buy a fire extinguisher and install dead bolt locks on their outside doors.


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