How to Rescue a Golden Retriever


Deciding to rescue a Golden Retriever can be a “golden” opportunity for yourself and your family. Golden Retrievers are friendly, confident and trusting canines with an eagerness to please.

They are excellent with children due to their high level of patience and develop a lifelong bond with their families.


Things You’ll Need

  • Collar and leash
  • Large dog bed
  • Quality dog food
  • Food and water bowl
  • Toys for chewing and throwing
  • Grooming supplies


Rescuing a Golden Retriever

How to Rescue a Golden Retriever



The first step to rescuing a Golden Retriever is to determine if this is the right breed for your family. Golden Retrievers are great companion dogs with high-level intelligence, which makes them easy to train. They are devoted animals that get along well with children. However, they are large dogs, and their size may intimidate small children or accidentally knock them over.

Golden Retrievers crave lots of attention and will follow you from room to room. They need to be treated like any member of the family, or they may get depressed. Due to the friendly nature of this breed, they do not make good guard dogs; they are more likely to lick an unsuspecting thief than scare him away. This breed has an above average need for exercise and sheds more than the norm.



The next step is to locate a Golden Retriever rescue group. The Golden Retriever Club of America maintains a list of Golden Retriever rescue groups by state. See the Additional Resources section of this article for the web address of GRCA. Many rescue groups have informative websites with photos of available dogs and downloadable adoption applications.

It is important to conduct research on the rescue group, as you’ll want to use a group that provides guidance and assistance after you bring you new Golden Retriever home. Having strong support from the rescue group will enable a much stronger relationship with you and your new companion.


How to Rescue a Golden Retriever


Adoption Application

After you have decided on a rescue group, download the adoption application from the website or request the adoption application from the contact information located on the rescue group’s website. These application packets are usually quite detailed and may consist of several pages. In addition to general demographic information such as your name, address and phone number, an application will include several questions pertaining to your household and experience level with this breed.

Examples of questions include ages of family members, who will be responsible for taking care of the dog, whether you live in an apartment or house, whether you have a fenced yard, and a list of personal references.


Get Your House Ready

After your application has been approved, get your house ready before bringing your new companion home. It’s a good idea to dog-proof your house. This is similar to child-proofing. Start by walking through every room in your house and locate harmful materials like cleaning supplies and put them out of reach.

Then secure all electrical cords so they can’t be tripped on, and remove poisonous plants. Next, plan a trip to a pet store and purchase the following supplies: collar and leash, dog bed large enough for a 60 to 80-lb. dog, food and water bowl, quality dog food, healthy treats, dog toys for chewing and throwing, and grooming supplies.


Visit The Rescue Group

Visit the rescue group and interact with its available dogs. When you find a companion that connects with you, request if you can take the dog for a walk. Find a secure fenced area to play with the dog. It’s also a good idea to ask if you can bring the dog home with you for a few days and see how she interacts with your family and other pets.

After you have made your selection, be sure to get contact information from the rescue group so you can call with any questions or concerns you might have with your new Golden Retriever.


Tips & Warnings

Make sure the rescue group provides support for questions you may have after you bring your Golden Retriever home.

Be aware that Golden Retrievers shed a lot of hair. If you have carpeted flooring, a high-quality vacuum cleaner will be an asset.


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