How to Remember Something You Lost


For some, losing your keys, wallet, cell phone or anything else you need, can be a frustrating experience.

Before you tear the house apart trying to locate the misplaced object, here are a few techniques to help you remember where you left it.


How to Remember Something You Lost

Something You Lost

1. Stay calm and relaxed.

Sit down in a comfortable chair with your beverage of choice. Getting anxious about finding whatever you have lost may create stress.


2. Be confident.

Tell yourself that you will find what you’re looking for. Intending to succeed eases tension and helps you concentrate.


3. Recall the last time you used the object.

In a relaxed state, picture the object in your mind and where you might have been the last time you used it. This step alone may trigger your memory.


4. Get hypnosis to connect with your subconscious mind.

In many cases, the conscious mind is too busy solving problems and making decisions to accurately remember details.

According to Dr. John Ryder in “Psychology Today,” hypnosis can help to enhance memories by accessing the parts of the brain that store and retrieve information.


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