How to Prevent Cellulite During Pregnancy


You are pregnant and a baby is on the way. But you never would have realized that cellulite is also on its way. It is very frustrating to get cellulite—a buildup of fat and toxins stored under the skin—but it is common among pregnant women.

Most women think that they will deal with this frustration after the baby is born, but life gets hectic after the new arrival. While many cellulite treatments are available, prevention is easier than elimination. You can avoid developing cellulite by taking these simple steps during your pregnancy.


How to Prevent Cellulite During Pregnancy

Cellulite During Pregnancy


Watch what you eat and reduce your fat intake. Stay away from immersed fats, prepared nourishments and food sources high in sugar. You may have pregnancy cravings for fried food and cheesecake, but making smart and healthy choices will get you to your goal.



Detoxification plays a significant role in flushing out the body toxins—one of the culprits in cellulite accumulation. Water, fruits and vegetables are good detox agents.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol; these toxins add extra work for the body’s waste removal organs. Refined foods with additives, salt, sweeteners and other chemicals are also big contributors to the formation of cellulite.



Cellulite is found on the hips, abdomen, quadriceps, abdomen and buttocks. Work out to target these areas. Recall that since you are pregnant, you ought not practice too enthusiastically; simply turn out enough to keep your body dynamic.

Brisk walking helps to reduce cellulite accumulation on the hips and quadriceps. Sit-ups can get rid of cellulite surrounding the abdomen.



The proper circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen is helped along with massage. Give your body a good rubdown with your favorite cream or massage oil. Drinking at any rate eight glasses of water for every day guarantees appropriate flow.



A good cellulite cream can help to improve the skin’s firmness and reduce the bumpy appearance. Try Neutrogena’s Anti-Cellulite Treatment with retinol. The retinol supplies the skin with nutrients and improve the skin’s elasticity.

Nivea’s Body Good-Bye Cellulite and Avon’s Solutions Super Shape Anti-Cellulite and Stretch Mark Cream are other options.



Make these simple changes to your lifestyle now to prevent cellulite in the future and tomaintain a healthy mind and body.


Tips & Warnings

  • Consult your doctor before you start any exercise.


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