How to Prepare Yourself To Get Pregnant


To get pregnant quickly and have a safe pregnancy it is best for you to prepare your body ahead of time.


How to Prepare Yourself To Get Pregnant

Prepare Yourself To Get Pregnant

1.Get Healthy

If you are too thin, too fat or not having a period, this is not the time to get pregnant. You first need to fix the health issues that you have. If you are too thin, start eating healthier, women need fat for a healthy pregnancy.

If you are too fat, try to lose at least some of it before you get pregnant. If you are not having a period, most likely you are not eating healthy, are exercising too much or doing some other detrimental thing to your body. You need to have a healthy period to have a healthy baby.


2. Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

I know this seems like an obvious step however it is important for you to stop taking pills a couple months before you intend to get pregnant. You will need to use another form of birth control for at least two months to properly get the pills and their effects out of your body.


3. Begin or Continue a Moderate Exercise Program

You don’t should practice like insane previously or during pregnancy. Walking and swimming are both excellent exercises that you can do before and continue throughout your pregnancy.


4. Begin Taking Folic Acid

All women of childbearing age should be taking folic acid whether or not they intend to become pregnant. Folic acid is essential during the early stages of pregnancy before you even know that you are pregnant.


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