How to Positively Influence Others


Putting positivity into action at home, school or in the workplace can help make your environment more harmonious. Positively influencing people can demonstrate that you are a good role model.

In addition, it showcases leadership skills, which can ultimately help you get ahead at work and school; and can help you earn the respect of others. To be a positive influence to others, you need to encourage it with your actions and words.


How to Positively Influence Others

Positively Influence Others

1. Inspire positivity in those you want to influence by treating them with respect.

Treating everyone respectfully is necessary to set the tone for healthy relationships, even if you are a figure of authority. This effort will help develop a healthy type of respect, rather than respect that is gained or earned by instilling fear.To earn the respect of people you must first give it.


2. Build trust with those who you want to positively inspire.

Lending a friendly ear, helping and teaching; and approaching others with a genuinely positive attitude helps to build trust with your peers. Showing people that you care and have their best interests in mind enables them to open up and trust you.


3. Walk the walk — don’t become all talk and no action — display follow through.

For example, if you are trying to influence others to show up to work on time, then you should always get to work on time.


4. Become a positive trend-setter.

For instance, treat everyone equally, regardless of their social or professional status. Recognizing the value of each person and treating everyone equally is a proactive way to gain others’ attention and inspire them positively.


5. Approach challenges and conflicts with a positive attitude.

When your actions show people that you approach challenges positively, then others will learn from your attitude and emulate your behavior.

Manage any conflict with a neutral, non-emotional attitude and find a common ground to solve issues. This will inspire other people positively by seeing how you calmly handle negative situations.


6. Listen to what others have to say.

Listening to others is key to learn about the people you want to have a positive impact on. They will notice that you are focused and pay attention to the opinions being voiced.


7. Give people constructive criticism, if you are in position of authority, such as a managerial position.

Help them improve and gain confidence, rather than just providing negative feedback or criticism without any guidance or tips.


8. Reward people with symbolic and material rewards to promote their positive attitudes.

For example, you can give praise to a person doing a good job; or if appropriate, you can give a reward to the employee. Rewarding people who do something well motivates them to keep doing a good job — and it also motivates others to do strive to do better also.


Tips & Warnings

  • Give them what they want
  • Image influences
  • Attitude influences


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