How to Play With a Chihuahua


Chihuahuas make the perfect pint-sized pets; however, they are one of the smallest breeds of dogs, meaning they need some special considerations, particularly during play time.

Chihuahuas will play hard like any dog, but a few tips will help to keep your little friend happy, healthy and safe.


Playing With a Chihuahua

Playing With a Chihuahua

Handle your chihuahua gently, as they are tiny dogs and can easily be hurt. Small children should not be allowed to carry a chihuahua without strict adult supervision. Even when petting your chihuahua, be careful that you do not apply too much pressure to their delicate body.

Play tug of war with your pet chihuahua, a game that all dogs love. Keep in mind that while you may tug on a rope of toy with a large dog, you don’t have to do anything at all when playing with your tiny friend. Simply hold the rope or toy and allow your chihuahua to do all of the tugging. In this way you will prevent straining his little neck or back or damaging his teeth.

Keep your chihuahua warm when playing outdoors. Chihuahuas have a very hard time regulating their body temperature, so make sure they keep warm when outside. You can purchase a small doggy sweater at your local pet store, or even cut in a sock for the head and arms.

Use a leash when playing outside, as these little dogs tend to get lost out in the big world. Additionally, keeping your chihuahua on a lease will help to protect her from larger animals which may play too rough or even consider her a tasty meal.

Take care when allowing your chihuahua to play in leaves or even deep grass, as they live very close to the ground and can easily get debris in their eyes.


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