How to Pet a Seal


Seals have regular swim patterns that make them easy to swim with. They take quick breaths at the water’s surface and then swim for long periods under water so most of your petting will involve your legs not your hands.

Their hearts beat up to 140 beats a minute allowing blood to pump past the fresh air in the seal’s lungs. They remain underwater longer than the average dolphin.


Things You’ll Need :

  • Boat
  • Scuba gear
  • Trained guide


Steps to Pet a Seal

How to Pet a Seal


1. Take a vacation that focuses on underwater wildlife and nature.

You can take scuba lessons before you go on vacation so that you won’t be bogged down with details on vacation. Seals spend most of their time underwater scuba is the best way to swim and pet them.


2. Find your guide and listen carefully to the warnings given about ocean currents and predators in the water with you.

In order to pet seals you have to go in the ocean and be comfortable and wait for them to approach you.


3. Learn about the waters you will swim in online before your vacation.

Information is the key to safe fun. Know if the area is a breeding area for seals or if the spot is a routine part of their annual migration. Seals, like other animals are protective of their young.


4. Pull the wet suit over your body.

It is supposed to be snug. Make sure you are comfortable and warm in the ocean water. You could spend hours swimming and floating waiting for seals to approach you for petting.


5. Check all your scuba gear as the guide instructs.

Most tours are for 4 hours. Check to see if the air in your tank will last that long. Seals are abundant in certain areas of the ocean just like dolphins. Seals like petting, but they take longer to warm up to you than a dolphin.


6. Fall backwards overboard or jump in feet first.

The seals will appear as you explore underwater. Stretch out your arms as the seals begin to circle you. Cet them come to you and brush your hands with their bodies.


7. Stroke the seals as they swim by.

This may frighten them as they are independent creatures-stick your arm out straight and they will slide your hand along their body as they circle you.


Tips and Warnings
While underwater, constantly be aware of predators in your vicinity.


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