How to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise


The yearly migration to the gym has begun as millions of Americans swear that this year is the year that they are going to lose weight and get the body they desire.

But that leaves we foodies in a dilemma, how do we enjoy the gourmet lifestyle without all the calories and subsequent hours on the treadmill?

We can take a few notes from other cultures as how to eat and I’ll give you some recipes that I’ve been using with my new workout routine.


Want to Lose Weight? Eat Like the French!

We all know that you mom told you to eat everything on your plate, but that may not be the best way to eat or maintain/lose weight. The French, even in their regular meals, sample and snack. They eat a little bit of everything and create a meal out of several small items.

Its a great way to eat, a great way to eat alot of little things and a great way to eat because you aren’t eating as much but getting the same flavor. When you know more is coming you pace your eating and thereby, eat less. Its a beautiful system.

Want to Lose Weight?


Use Spices and Flavors

Studies have proven that people eat less of foods that are more flavorful or spicy. Not only do some of the acids in spicy foods turn off the hunger in your brain but you actually eat less food because you are getting more flavor and your brain feels fuller faster.

There are some great diet books out there that have great spicy foods and spicy diets. Check them out.

Use Spices and Flavors


Cut out Refined Sugars and Flour

Want to lose a quick 15 pounds? Just swear off soda. Want to lose another 5 pounds? Switch to whole wheat bread.

Making small changes like this can really help you start to lose weight and even see quick results that are visible in the mirror.

Cut out Refined Sugars and Flour


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