How to Live an Amazing Life


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to truly live an amazing life? All of us have moments in our lives in which we realize how fleeting our time on this earth really is. It is then when we stop and wonder if we are settling for a life of mediocrity or living the life we really want.

Is it possible to really live the life of your dreams? What are some things we can do to enjoy life more and have a richer, more fulfilling experience? Here are some ideas on how to live an amazing life.


How to Live an Amazing Life

Live an Amazing Life

1. Slow down, pause, and take a moment to appreciate the beauty and wonder that surrounds you everyday.

Notice the things in your life that you can be grateful for right now. There is beauty in the everyday, whether it is the morning light catching the water droplets in your sprinkler, or the vivid colors in the flowers on your neighbor’s porch.

It may seem mundane at first, but once you open your eyes and start noticing these things you will never cease to wonder. You don’t have to look far to find reasons why life is amazing.


2. Positive Energy

Change your thoughts to positive ones. This can be very challenging if you have gotten into a routine of negative or even apathetic thoughts. But once you start noticing your thoughts, you can redirect them.

Positive thoughts will lead to positive actions, positive people flocking to you, and positive opportunities appearing. It only gets better from there.


3. Make a habit of enjoying yourself.

It is important to enjoy yourself and make the best of every situation, and it is also important to purposely seek things out that please you.

Make it a priority to do things that give you pleasure on a regular basis, just like you would prioritize brushing your teeth or doing the laundry. Life can be as fun or as boring, dull and depressing as you choose to make it.


4. Live Your Dream

Figure out what you want. What makes you happy, what are your goals, what are your deepest desires? You must do some soul searching and have some quiet time with yourself in order to look within and figure this out.

This is not what your mom, your teachers, your spouse or your boss wants for you. You may have to search through layers of “outside voices” that have accumulated in order to find the desires of the real you. It is impossible to lead a completely fulfilling life without this step.


5. Live the Good Life

Once you figure out what you want, make some exciting goals. Really big goals. Write them down, and realize it is possible to do anything, really anything, that you’ve ever wanted to do…if you want it badly enough and don’t let anything get in your way.

Make it a point to start bringing these goals into your reality one by one, step by step. Start with the smaller ones if you feel more comfortable.


6. Get outside of your comfort zone.

The quickest way to set your life into motion is to start doing things you don’t normally do, especially those that scare you. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something that scares you everyday.”

The reason for this is that it breaks your routine, gets you out of a rut and paves the way for new learning and greater creativity. You will have new ideas you will never have thought of, and will meet new people that will inspire you and bring you new and exciting things.

You will also gain the confidence in yourself to pursue your dreams.


7. Beautiful Life

Identify and eliminate negative influences in your life. Turn off draining, depressing TV programs, stop listening to that whiny coworker, or get a new job if your current one is sucking your soul. Some influences will be easier to avoid than others.

Some may take some major life changes, but will ultimately be worth it in the end. Negative people and things will bring you down and hold you back from living the amazing life of your dreams.


8. Be bold, be courageous, be true to yourself!

Love everything, everyone, and every moment. Good luck creating an amazing life!


Tips & Warnings

  • This life is only what we make of it, and we only get one. Live your amazing life now!


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