How to Help Your Wife Through Labor


With the birth of your child just a short time away, your partner is in need of some serious support, both emotional and physical.


Helping Your Wife Through Labor

Wife Through Labor


Study up on acupressure points to relieve pain. Practice techniques before the birth.

Bring everything you can imagine to distract her and help her through her seemingly endless contractions. Ice chips, her own pillow, photos of your children or pet, a CD player and CDs are possibilities.

Pack some food for yourself.

Bring breath mints, as you will be working closely with your partner.

Help her stick to the original birth plan within reason. If she wants an epidural even though she planned a natural childbirth, support her decision.

Allow her to rest or sleep once she has had the epidural.

Help with breathing and pushing as instructed in your childbirth classes.

Offer water as often as possible.

Walk with her down the halls. Moving around helps with dilation, but she’ll need some physical support, especially during contractions.

If at home, put her in a warm bath to help her relax.

Be ready with bowls in case she throws up.

Don’t get overly sensitive if she’s testy.

When you can break away, call friends and relatives on the ‘A’ list.

Take photos if this is part of the plan, but remember to use discretion.

Be her advocate throughout the labor.

If an emergency arises, stay with your wife the entire time. She will need someone to tell her what is going on.


Tips & Warnings

Make sure the people she wants in the room are there and no one else.

Be sure you do not get in the way of doctors or other medical personnel.


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