How to Hallucinate Easily


Learning how to hallucinate easily can not only further enhance the quality of your lifestyle, but help you in attaining the goals that you set for yourself as well. It is said that one of the first steps to getting a dream job, finding love or gaining more confidence in any area of your life is to imagine yourself already living your dream.

This will not only make it more of a real aspiration for you, it can also give you an extra dose of stimulation to throw yourself into making it a reality.


How to Hallucinate Easily

Hallucinate Easily

1. Find a private place.

When first learning how to hallucinate easily, it will be easier to do so completely alone. Wherever you feel most at peace, whether in your bedroom or out in nature somewhere, just try to make sure that you will not be interrupted.


2. Take a seat.

No matter what setting you choose, make sure to bring something comfortable to sit on. If you are in the least bit uncomfortable, your mind will not be able to fully let go into hallucinating.


3. Turn on some music that best conveys the mood you are trying to achieve.

Love songs that remind you of that certain someone are great if you are trying to imagine yourself with them.

Another trick of learning how to hallucinate easily is to listen to a good stimulating rock song if you are trying to land that aggressive high-power job you have always dreamed about. No matter your situation, find songs that mimic your emotions.


4. Light some candles.

Once again, find a scent that brings what you want into your head the moment that you smell it.


5. Spread other things around that will stimulate your thoughts to stay on the subject you are dreaming about.

This could mean even dressing like you would in your new career or a handwritten note from someone special. Anything that has your mind geared to one solid purpose will help you when you are learning how to hallucinate easily.


6. Clear your mind of anything but the hallucination that you want to have.

Imagine every little detail to your fantasy. Think about where you want to be, the smell, the sounds around you–every small part of what you expect when your dream comes true.


7. Repeat all of the steps until you can comfortably go into your hallucination without having to think so hard.

As you become more able to turn your mind onto what you want, the less things you will need around you to trigger your fantasies. Eventually, you will not need music or candles or any other stimulants.

You will be able to go in and out of what you want to picture, no matter what is going on around you. The more you practice, the easier you will find it to be to learn how to hallucinate easily in any setting.


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