How to Get Your Body in Shape While Being Pregnant for Very Little Money


Do a lot of you spend money for the gym and never go? Specially while we are pregnant, us women feel so tired that we cease to use our membership and or exercise all together.

From my simple instructions you too will be able to have fun while exercising throughout your pregnancy.


Things You’ll Need

  • or cheap outlet to obtain pregnancy DVDs or videos
  • A computer and printer (optional)
  • Some room at home, chair
  • Ability to walk


How to Get Your Body in Shape While Being Pregnant


How Can I Keep My Body in Shape While Pregnant?

Body Exercise

When you are pregnant, especially depending on how far along you are, you need to be careful about what you do with your body exercise wise. However, it is recommended that you get off that couch and move.


Be Careful

Strenuous jumping or hopping is not recommended when you are pregnant and neither is any exercise involving the abdomen muscles. If you are a runner however, it is ok to jog while pregnant until it begins to produce discomfort. Then you have to stop.



The best thing to do while pregnant which costs very little money is walk. Walk everywhere and take your time. If you feel like your belly is weighing you down or if you feel a cramp, make sure that you stop walking and then resume after resting to make your way back home. Remember to drink lots of water and wear comfortable clothing at all times.


Video Exercises

The next best thing to do is to work out at home with an inexpensive exercise video that you bought. It’s fun, and it gets the job done. Be sure to look at the ratings to see which videos are the best for pregnant women.


Use a Chair

Toning your arms can be a great exercise to do as well as toning your legs. Using a chair to balance yourself, you can use this chair to do tricep dips and or slow dips where you outstretch your arms holding the back side of the chair and slowly bend your knees and do this in repetitions until you feel tired.


Tips and Warnings

  • Remember to eat healthy and get your baby strong. Don’t diet while pregnant. Just choose good foods and not fried or sugary ones.
  • I am not liable for any damages.


If you remain fit while you are pregnant, it will be much easier to get the weight off after the baby. I’ve included a few resources to help you with that.

Good luck!

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