How to Get a Student National Insurance Number


The UK uses the National Insurance Number (NIN) in a similar way that the United States uses the Social Security Number. The NIN is required as a means of keeping tax records and qualifying for any tax rebates.

If you are a student in the UK, you will need to apply for an NIN if you plan to work. While residents of the UK automatically receive the NIN when they turn 16, international exchange students and others visiting the UK will have to apply for one.


How to Get a Student National Insurance Number

Student National Insurance Number

1. Obtain or begin searching for employment

The only way to get a National Insurance Number is to either have a job or prove that you are actively looking for a job.


2. Get a letter of employment from your employer

Make sure the letter is on company letterhead and has the company contact information. If you have not yet secured employment, you will need to obtain three rejection letters from employers you have applied with to prove you are actively searching for a job.


3. Visit your local Jobcentre Plus or contact the main agency at “0845 6000643”

The agency will guide you through the application process for the National Insurance Number.


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