How to Compare Single Trip Travel Insurance


If you love to travel and see the world, you already know how expensive those trips can be. You also know that things can go wrong when you travel, often at the worst possible time.

Buying single-trip travel insurance is one way to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances, including the cancellation of your flight, an unexpected emergency at home or at work or an injury that renders you unable to travel.


Things You’ll Need

  • Credit card agreement


How to Compare Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance

1. Review the credit card agreement for the card you used to book your trip

Many credit card issuers provide free trip cancellation insurance and travel insurance to their cardholders.

Contact the customer service department at the credit card company for specific details about the coverage you have.


2. Add up the total price of your trip, including the costs of the airline tickets, any non-refundable booking fees for hotel rooms and rental cars and any additional tours you have already purchased

Knowing how much the trip costs will help you determine if travel insurance is a good buy. Compare the cost of the travel insurance to the cost of the trip and decide whether the added expense is worthwhile.


3. Contact the supplier of the trip if you are taking a cruise or an organized tour

Check the conditions of the supplier’s travel insurance coverage carefully, since supplier-supplied travel insurance might not cover you if the tour company or cruise line goes bankrupt.


4. Review the terms and conditions for any third-party single-trip insurance policy you are considering

Each policy will have different protections in place, and you will need to make sure you have the coverage you need. Check the conditions under which the insurance will pay for your canceled trip. Some policies will pay if you experience an injury or unexpected health problem, while others will pay only if the trip itself is canceled.


5. Compare the coverage for trip delays for each single-trip travel insurance policy

Some policies will pay your expenses, including hotel rooms and restaurant meals, if your trip is delayed.


6. Check the medical evacuation and medical coverage included in each single-trip travel insurance policy

Some policies will pay to have you evacuated to a hospital in your home country, while others only provide coverage for medical treatment in the country you are visiting.



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