How to Buy Training Travel Insurance


When you’re traveling abroad, it’s a good idea to get some type of travel insurance to protect you and your belongings while out of your home country.

If you’re going overseas for a long period or for a risky adventure, such as doing sports or remote educational training, you may not be able to obtain the standard travel insurance.

But before you fret, know that there are special types of insurance you can obtain to protect you while you’re out on the road.


How to Buy Training Travel Insurance

How to Buy Training Travel Insurance

1. Check with your current insurance company to find out if it has a special travel insurance or adventure travel insurance policy you can buy for your trip abroad, or if your current policy will cover you

Many standard insurance policies do not cover travel abroad, so don’t assume they do. Since your current insurance company already knows your health status and has all your personal information, buying an additional policy from your current insurance company may be the best option for you.

Ask them about the cost, coverage and any restrictions on the policy, such as certain activities that you are not allowed to do.


2. Ask your school or training program whether it has any insurance available for you to purchase

Some schools and training centers provide this at no extra cost to you as part of your training expenses, so be sure to check.


3. Browse adventure travel insurance companies available on the Web, or through your local travel agency

Note their costs, restrictions and coverage, and make a checklist of the various options from each company.


4. Weigh your options among your current insurance, the training program insurance and available adventure insurance policies, and decide which one provides the best coverage for you

Purchase the policy that works best for you, and provide them any medical records they request.


5. Pay for any medical expenses that arise during your training, and receive receipts from the medical providers

This is important, since you will need to submit those receipts to the insurance company afterward. Most foreign travel insurance policies require you to pay and then be reimbursed, but be sure to read the policies of the insurance company so you know what you need to do.



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