How to Buy a Kneeling Chair


Reduce back pain and improve posture by using an ergonomic kneeling chair for long work sessions. Kneeling chairs are widely available at office furniture retailers.

Try a kneeling chair if you suffer from chronic lower back pain after long work sessions in a traditional office chair. Find ergonomic kneeling chairs at your local furniture retailer or from online sources, such as


How to Buy a Kneeling Chair

Kneeling Chair

1. Expect difficulty the first time you maneuver yourself into a kneeling chair.

See if you find the chair comfortable and easy to work in. Try different brands of kneeling chairs to find the chair that is right for you.


2. Ask about weight limitations for the chair.

Be sure the chair can support anyone who is likely to use it.


3. Check that the chair adjusts to different seat heights and sitting positions.

The chair and knee cushions must be padded and comfortable. Seat and knee platform widths vary, so find the seat width you find comfortable before committing.


4. Look for chairs that meet or exceed standards set by American National Standards Institute and the Business and Institutional Furniture and Manufacturers Association.

These organizations establish voluntary minimum standards for the furniture industry.


Tips & Warnings

  • Consider using a kneeling chair for part of your workday to eliminate back strain and to improve posture.
  • Contact your doctor before using a kneeling chair if you have knee or shin problems.


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