How to Begin a College Relationship


College is a perfect time to begin a relationship. Actually, while many people find that their educational experience left something to be desired, they often feel compensated by their romantic relationships.

With young, eager people lounging on the quad, living in close proximity and gathering in the name of a common cause, college is a great place to begin a relationship. Follow these steps to learn how.


How to Begin a College Relationship

College Relationship

1. Get into a Comfortable Environment

College provides the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a student to find a personal niche. No matter how obscure, there are always other students who share your interests and get together to socialize and interact.

Find a comfortable environment where you can be yourself and meet people like you who are also looking to begin a relationship.


2. Take some Calculated Risks

While it’s easy to get sucked into a college mentality, it’s important to remember that the experience lasts for a limited time.

Keep this in mind to motivate yourself to act by saying hello to that attractive girl or guy in one of your classes or do something out of the blue that you would never have done in high school.


3. Set some Boundaries

When beginning a college relationship, it’s often all to easy to end up spending all your time with your emerging significant other.

Since you live close together, eat at the same cafeteria and have roughly the same schedules, it’s easy to become unhealthily attached. Maintaining your normal routine and interests will help you begin a college relationship that stays positive and stable.


4. Be Aware of your Emotions

The freedom of college and the novelty of a college relationship often give students a sense of exhilaration and a feeling of having found “the one.” You should be aware that there are many forces in play in your feelings and that college relationships frequently mellow (and, unfortunately, sour) shortly after they begin.

So, keep some perspective so you can healthily move on with your college life if things get bumpy with the relationship.


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