How to Be Content Being You


Kicking yourself in the butt for not being as pretty as she or as cunning as he? “Why cant I be funny and know exactly what to say and when to say it.” Okay that’s enough,


If we were like this person or that~we wouldn’t be special just the way we are made to be there are qualities that were made just for us as individuals.

So how is anyone else going to notice what we don’t notice in ourselves? These negative thoughts only stifle the brilliant beauty we have to show the world and the one in the mirror!

But we have to start looking in. And stop looking at others for approval or the okay to be. I mean just be! Were not guaranteed tomorrow! Lets start seeing things in a new light. Lets start living out loud.

Below are some ideas that may help in getting rid of the “stinkin’ thinkin'” as a good friend of mine calls it. I have struggled with the “stinkin’ thinkin'” monster myself on occasion.


How to Be Content Being You

Content Being You

1. When you look yourself in the mirror tell yourself what you want to be.

Example: I am sassy, quick on my toes and I have a flare about me that others envy.
Really easy right?

You may find yourself laughing in the mirror, “I cant do this! it’s silly!”
Hey you know what? That’s okay because being silly adds a hint of quirky mystery.

Plus humor and the ability to laugh at ones self from time to time increases those natural feel good endorphins and aids in healing. Which is a good thing:)double whammy baby!!!!


2. After doing this day in and day out you practically validate who you are by looking yourself in the eyes and speaking truth to your face and into your ears by solidifying it.

Though not to another person who can pull you down at the drop of a hat ~ But straight to the source. YOU!!!


3. Another good step

Remember this one. It’s not another persons job to tell you how to feel or how to react to someone or something. no one has control over your mind or your emotions, You hold the key to true happiness. This is your life. Live it out loud!


4. Keeping a journal helped immensely

In fact I will journal for the rest of my life I find that when I can write things down on paper it gets it out of my head and therefor leaving space for love, for myself and others.


5. And last but of course not least.

Forgive yourself stop trying to overdo things and remember your human, we all make mistakes and no-one can be flawless.

Just be happy with your flaws accept yourself~and you will notice how your “stinken thinken” can transform into compassion and love for others and yourself. It’s an indescribable feeling to be content in your own skin.


6. One more thing.

Try to find something that really interests you and get into it! Dedicate time especially for this ,you just might smile more it takes attention off the negatives and increases positives. Go for it live out loud!


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