How to Be Alone Without Being Lonely


Being alone does not have to be a social taboo, and the process of living doesn’t stop between relationships.

You may find yourself alone in life, but that existence does not have to be lonely.


Five Easy Steps to Being Alone Without Being Lonely

How to Be Alone

1. Connect with nature and your senses.

If you live in the city, you can go to a park, garden center, zoo, arboretum, pet shop or aviary, or take an elevator ride to the top of a tall building and get away from the noise below. There is always something new to be experienced outside as the landscape changes from season to season.

If you observe carefully, you will see things change by the minute. Listen to the many voices of nature and connect with life all around you. Smell the aroma of a honeysuckle bush and taste of its sweet nectar. Wake up your senses and slow down your mind.


2. Start a new hobby with others who have similar interests.

Pick up a brochure from your local recreation facility and enroll in an instructor-led class. You can learn interesting activities like piano, guitar, theater, photography, belly dancing, pottery, quilting and gourmet cooking.

Being around others who share your interests will give you an outlet for social interaction.


3. Volunteer to reach out to the poor, sick, wounded, elderly, homeless and orphaned.

You can donate your time and talents to build homes, mentor children, deliver meals, read stories and offer a variety of support to others. There are plenty of charitable organizations looking for caring individuals.

You can do as little or as much outreach as you like. Taking action to help others with their problems will keep you from negatively focusing on your own situation.


4. Pursue meditation and other spiritual practices to bring balance and insight into your daily living.

There are times and places to practice your spirituality with others and alone. Some people like to read spiritual writings and congregate with others in a temple or church. Others like to connect to their spirituality through nature and all living things. This is a diverse world, and we should be tolerant of how others connect with their spirituality.


5. Set aside time for laughter and childish things.

You can be grown up and still have time to build sand castles, blow bubbles, fly kites and ride go-carts. Go to amusement parks, water parks and arcades to connect with your inner child. Check out your local comedy club for some grins.

Laugh often, and share your smile with everyone. Some married couples are the loneliest people of all, so do not think loneliness has anything to do with whether or not you are in a relationship.

Loneliness is a condition for those who do not yet know how to connect with their inner creative nature.


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