How to Appear Confident While Building Your Self Confidence


Have you ever wanted to project a strong, independent image? When you are on a date, interviewing for a job or relaxing at a party, appearing self-confident can be very important.

As the saying goes, “fake it till you make it,” which means appearing to be confident until you truly become confident. Liking who you are on the inside is the key to becoming confident. Figure out what your assets are and build them up.


How to Appear Confident While Building Your Self Confidence

Building Your Self Confidence

1. Think of someone who is confident and how they’d act in any given situation, then act like that person.


2. Use a firm handshake; no one admires a weak handshake.


3. Instead of worrying about how you are coming across and the confidence you may or not be showing, concentrate on who you are talking to, listen to her, make eye contact and take verbal cues.


4. Don’t look at the floor; keep your eyes up.

Make eye contact, especially when talking to people.


5. Keep your head up and your shoulders back.

Bad posture is a giveaway that you lack self-confidence.


6. Smile a lot and don’t fidget.


7. Don’t point out your imperfections.

Never say anything bad about yourself to anyone. Never put yourself down for any reason.


Tips & Warnings

  • Every morning and before you go to bed, look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a compliment and really mean it.


Self Confidence

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