How Much Chlorine Should Be Used on the First Fill of a Swimming Pool?


When you fill the pool for the first time, use enough chlorine to “shock” it. This means adding enough to raise the chlorine level to three parts per million.

The amount needed to do this is determined by the size of the pool. Verify the levels with a test strip.

First Fill of a Swimming Pool


Do not use the pool right away

After shocking the pool, do not go into it right away. Wait 24 hours, and then retest it. Check all chemical levels.

Make sure the chlorine level is below two parts per million before using the pool.


Bottom Line

Shock your pool when you open it, and then shock it once a week. This helps maintain the proper chlorine level and keep your pool clear and clean.

Use the size of your pool to determine exactly how much chlorine is needed to shock it.



Saltwater Pool or Chlorine Pool

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