Healthy Winter’s Lunch Ideas


Lunch is our favorite meal of the day and with a little bit of preparation you can have great lunches all week long. Sandwiches, salads, bagels, wraps and much more. We are going to create three flexible recipes that can be put on a variety of delivery vehicles.

You can take these combinations and put them on bread, bagel, in a whole wheat tortilla wrap or even pita bread. You can put them with chips and some nice flavored water, lemonade, or iced tea.

If you’re near a fridge at work or at home you can keep these handy and prepare them in advance. Don’t be afraid to get inventive with your favorite flavors.

We are always in the kitchen inventing and such.


Healthy BLT Sandwich Recipe

We don’t like the T in BLT, so not being a tomato guy I replace the tomato with a few slices of onion and a slice of cheddar.

Obviously, you can keep the tomato if you wish, but non-tomato people can use my little variation.

Healthy BLT Sandwich Recipe


Healthy Tiny Italian Recipe

Italian sandwiches can be complicated but I’m simplified it to three truly Italian ingredients:

  • Pastrami
  • Ham
  • Salami (hard or genoa)

Salt and pepper it and add oil if you wish.

We are not a lettuce or tomato person but go ahead with the veggies if you like!

Healthy Tiny Italian Recipe


Healthy Cream Cheese/Butter Recipe

Take some cream cheese and take your favorite flavorings we like cheese, cilantro and bacon. Alternatively, you can take butter and with onion powder, garlic powder and some roasted garlic.

You can fold that into butter and butter all kinds of good bread products. Top with cheese or other good toppings and you have a lovely low calorie lunch item.

Healthy Cream Cheese/Butter Recipe



And remember the valuable things in life like good food, good friends and goo conversation.


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