Gift Ideas for My Military Husband


Keep your connection to your military husband strong through personal gifts and loving messages. These gifts help him keep a personal connection to you and his life back home.

They also let him know that he is still a part of your family and never far from your thoughts.

Gift Ideas for My Military Husband


Military Care Packages

Military care packages have become very popular. For a soldier, these gifts offer a chance to be surprised by your gift while receiving a large supply of things from home. Have some fun putting your care package together and look for interesting themes that he will enjoy. If your husband is a sports fan, create a package filled with memorabilia from his favorite team; you can even include some snacks from a stadium, as long as they are safe for shipping.

Food-themed gift packages are always appreciated, and instant coffee is available in a wide variety of flavors. Make the act of putting these packages together a fun experience for yourself and send them often.


Personal Touches

Write to your husband and include these letters in your gifts and packages. Tell him how much you love him and share events from home with him. Take a piece of paper and on every line write something that you love about your husband or a memory of something you two shared. Cut along the lines to form long strips of paper, each containing a special message.

Place all of these in a jar. Tell your husband to pull one piece of paper out and read it every time he needs to hear something special from you.



Send pictures of yourself with every package and every gift. Your husband will treasure each picture. Pictures are also the perfect size to carry easily with a soldier’s equipment, allowing him to keep you with him.

Take these pictures in your home as well as in places around your town that are important to you both. Include pictures of your children, pets and your house. Your husband will connect with pictures, as they let him feel closer to you.



Become an expert in recording family videos. Find out what technology your husband has available to him where he is stationed. Most often, he will have access to computers. Record your videos and send these to him.

Make sure to include videos of you and your children, especially humorous moments, first words, first steps and personal messages.


Things to Avoid

Do not send pressurized items such as canned shaving cream, pressurized foods or canned hair products. Changes in altitude during delivery can damage or ruin these products and pose a threat to other gifts in your package.

Avoid sending chocolate or anything that could melt. Pornography is illegal in some countries; avoid sending it to ensure that your husband does not get into trouble while overseas.


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