Gateway P-7805U FX Fan Failure


The Gateway P-7805U FX is a sleek gaming laptop.

The large 17-inch monitor, dual core processor and dedicated graphics card make this model a speedy computer but also cause the high-performance parts to run at very warm temperatures.

FX Fan Failure



The first obvious symptom of the P-7805U FX fan failure is that the laptop becomes extremely hot to the touch near the touchpad and hard drive location.

Programs may stutter or the laptop may suddenly shut off when the components overheat.



In minor cases, the fan may become clogged with dust or debris. The small power cable may be loose. A more serious cause may be complete failure due to a defective fan.



When the laptop is off and unplugged, open the case from the bottom and carefully remove dust or debris from the fan shaft with a vacuum hose or canned air.

Check to ensure the cable is plugged into the fan housing. If the fan does not run, replace the fan or send the laptop to a computer repair shop or to Gateway for complete fan replacement



The Gateway P-7805U FX should not be used when the fan is not working properly.

Fan failure in a laptop is a serious issue, as internal laptop components are smaller and more integrated than their larger desktop counterparts and will melt under intense heat.


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