Feng Shui Water Features


Within the practice of feng shui, there are three different types of water features. feng shui water features are either flow of water, body of water or water mouth.

The type of water feature you incorporate into your home will depend on your needs and your awareness of the center of energy within the home.

Feng Shui Water Features



Fountains are a flow-of-water feature within feng shui. The belief is that the flow of water will bring wealth into the home. If the fountain is outside your home, it is important that the flow of water is facing toward the home. this way the flow of energy will go towards the home, as opposed to away from it.

If the fountain is inside the home, it should not be facing any doors or windows, which would cause the flow of energy to leave the home. When choosing a flow-of-water feature, it is important that you are aware of your home’s energy, and you know where the greatest concentration of energy is. placing the fountain in the wrong area of your home can have a negative affect on your wealth.

Also, it is important to never place a fountain or other type of flow of water feature in a bedroom. this will lead to a material loss for those sleeping in the room.


Aquarium, Fish Tank or Pond

Aquariums, fish tanks and ponds are ideal water features for individuals who are not sure on where the center of energy is in their home. These types of water features are considered bodies of water.

Bodies of water are used to accumulate wealth and knowledge. When placed within a home, these features will help to collect the good energy and increase the wealth of the home.



Waterfalls are highly useful water features. They contain all three types of water features. The waterfall itself represents the flow of water, and the basin the waterfall flows into is a body of water. The point where the waterfall hits the water is the water mouth.

The water mouth is the highest concentration of energy. Waterfalls should always face the home, or towards the center of the home if it is an indoor waterfall. Waterfalls can produce a great amount of positive energy when used correctly.

Because a waterfall consists of a flow of water, it is important to be aware of your home’s energy centers before installing one.



Turtles are believed to bring good fortune to a home, and can be added to any type of water feature to increase the positive benefits the water feature provides.


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