Endurance Exercises for Kids


An article reviewed by Mary L. Gavin MD states that children over the age of 2 should get an average of one hour of daily exercise for good health. Children are spending more time in front of the television and computer than in the past, resulting in higher instances of childhood obesity.

Helping children to find fun ways to get active can be beneficial for a host of reasons including better sleep, stronger muscles and bones and better emotional health.



Most parents think of strength training as the use of heavy equipment such as weights, but strength training can be done without any objects and can be useful for building muscles as well as increasing endurance. Sports such as wrestling and gymnastics can help children develop upper body strength while challenging their agility and efforts.

Additionally, pull-ups, stomach crunches and other exercises can be helpful. Practicing a routine can be a fun way for the whole family to get fit. Slightly increasing the number of exercises with each routine can build endurance.



Aerobic Activity

Endurance is developed when kids continually engage in aerobic activities. Aerobic exercise forces the heart to beat faster and increases breathing. As activities resume, the result is a stronger heart, meaning more endurance. Aerobic activities can be done outdoors or inside. Riding a bicycle–especially uphill. brisk walking, running or jogging are all outdoor aerobic activities.

Indoor activities include yoga, indoor roller skating, ice skating and swimming. Many of these things can be done outdoors as well, but extreme weather such as heat or cold can limit the safety of such activities.

Aerobic Activity



Dancing can be a great way for children to express themselves, have a good time and build strength and endurance at once. Dancing can be done with a group or class at a fitness center or as a part of a recreational program. The YMCA may also be an appropriate place to learn. When dancing is done in a social setting, children can make friends and practice social skills.

There are many benefits to dancing, but for endurance, staying active for 30 minutes at a time should be the goal and will increase cardiovascular fitness. Purchasing a dance CD or DVD is an easy way to start.



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