Directions for the One Step Plus HCG Test


Pregnancy tests detect the presences of the human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, hormone in urine or blood to determine whether you’re pregnant. The hCG hormone is produced by placenta cells once the fertilized egg makes contact with the uterus roughly six days after conception.

The presence of the hCG hormone doubles every two days or so, plateauing several weeks later. The more hCG in your system, the more accurate the pregnancy test. The one step plus hCG test is a typical pregnancy test designed to be easy to use and interpret.


Things You’ll Need

  • Collection container
  • Single use dropper
  • Stopwatch or timer


Directions for the One Step Plus HCG Test

One Step Plus HCG Test

Step 1 :: Collect a first morning urine sample by filling a clean and dry urine collection container.

Step 2 :: Open the protective pouch containing the urine dropper and test device. Place the test device on a flat surface.

Step 3 :: Fill the urine dropper with the collect sample and dispense exactly four drops into the testing well in the testing device marked with an “S.”

Step 4 :: Start a timer and allow five minutes to pass before reading the results.

Step 5 :: Interpret the results. If a pink band appears in the control area marked with a “C” and the test area marked with a “T,” the results are positive. If a pink band appears in the control area, but not in the testing area, the results are negative. If no pink bands appear, the test is invalid.


Tips & Warnings

  • For the best results, conduct the pregnancy test six or seven days after your expected period, as hCG levels are at a higher level in your urine at this time.
  • Make sure that the pregnancy test is at room temperature prior to use.
  • If you are not going to conduct the pregnancy test immediately after collecting a urine sample, store the sample between 59 and 86 degrees F.
  • Although pregnancy tests are 99 percent accurate, confirm the results by visiting an OB/GYN.


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